Green Commandos was formed by a group of like minded people who believed in bottom to top change in the people for better environment.

Its the change we all want to see in the ideal society and the ideal world, but dont dare to make.

Green Commandos doesnt comment sitting on the corner that one should do this or do that. Green Commandos does that should.

Green Commandos is the change in attitude and a final bye-bye to nagging

Green Commandos is a philosophy where peoples money donations and charities wont be entertained. People participation is the charity, people involvement is the donation.

Thus Green Commandos are those elite people of the society who do projects in their areas to bring that covetous change in our environment that ordinary people can only daydream of.

Most of the Green Commandos founders are working professionals who took a sabbatical to pursue their interest. We believe that serving society doesnt necessarily require one to be full-time employed with NGOs. Green Commandos was our commitment and we proved it right by initiating it along with our professional commitments.

Green Commandos has got an eminent Governing Council guided and mentored by luminaries of Advisory panel and Editorial Panel. Green Commandos Ambassadors help percolate our movement to masses and join us in our 2KM area projects.