Start making organic compost at home

Every family however small it is, will have daily kitchen wastes. The disposal of the kitchen waste is a big problem especially in countries like India and that too in big cities like Bangalore where there is comparatively very less civic sense. I’ve seen in my own neighbourhood, there is a lack of knowledge on proper waste management and hence we see more often the wastes are being thrown outside or laying unattended. Many people expect that the city corporation should care for the waste produced by every home.

Though in many cities, the urban waste is managed by city corporations, it is still ineffective unless each small family takes the responsibility and cares for their own waste produced. So, what is composting and how to convert your home kitchen waste into rich manure ?

The composting is a natural recycling process of the plant remains into dark earthly material which enriches the soil. So, the kitchen waste which is usually the combination of plants, leaves or any combination of the organic material can be easily converted into a organic manure if proper environment is provided. The process of converting the kitchen waste into organic manure is very simple, mostly done by nature with the help of micro organisms. The composting is natural and the same can be seen in forests. The piled up leaves on the forest floor decays when naturally left with the help of the microorganisms available in the soil.
Step1: Get a mud pot with holes on all directions to have a good oxygen flow.
Step2: Collect your kitchen waste daily at the end of the day
Stpe3: Add the kitchen wastes to the pots
Step4: If you get some dry leaves, mix it with the kitchen waste.
Step5: Repeat the same till all the pots are full,one after another. This would take minimum 3-4 months.
Step7: Separate out the raw manure from the fine grained organic manure. You can use this as a manure for your rose garden or any type of garden or farm at your home or give it to the people who have garden. They’ll be very happy to receive and use it.

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