Focus Areas

At Green Commondos we understand that environment problem are many and it is not wise to work without a focus areas.

While we understand that all environment problems are important , we believe that to make an impact its important to work with few focus area

So every year, from list of environment needs/problem, we choose 2-3 focus area based on its relevance of the issue from Indian context and need for action on this area NOW

After choosing a focus area, we come up with an objective that we would like to achieve .

To achieve the objective we design activities and programs  where each of you can participate and make a difference


For the current year the focus area was

  • Green Clubs in Schools (Govt and Pvt School)

  • Waste ManagementSaplings Plantations

    • Support Communities to implement WM Practices
    • Awareness
    • Implementation Support
    • Sustenance  Support
    • Member SWMRT
    • Create and share resources (Knowledge, Skills, Network etc)


For the coming year , in addition top few of the above areas we plan to focus on

  • Water

  • Green Lifestyle